Welcome to Festihut


So you have always loved the thought of attending
that special festival or big event but the idea of hauling a tent and setting
up is not your idea of fun! The camping experience can now
be enjoyed with dry clothes, a comfy bed and more time to
spend with family and friends .You and your guests can now simply
turn up and enjoy a comfortable camping experience in one
of our Festihuts! They’ll have their own bed, power point and
light - most importantly it doesn’t matter if it rains.


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Music Festivals - Festihuts are the perfect accommodation for British Festivals. With the unpredictable weather, our pre-erected huts will keep you dry and warm and give you extra time to enjoy the music! Read more.

Festihut Weddings - Late night taxis and early escapes to your hotel are no longer a party killer. With the Festihut your guests can now celebrate with you until the very end of the night. Read more.

Festivals, Weddings and Corporate Events